Valley of Ditches

A chilling thriller with an ending you won't see coming...mostly because you'll be covering your eyes!

A young girl finds her self in an open grave, in the desert, chained to a corpse. How she gets free, IF she gets free, is up to her.

Franklin Wunder

Franklin is a man who thinks his time to make a meaningful difference in life is long past. Chelsea is a girl who blames the world for her lot in life. It takes one last adventure for them to realize that, like  ripples in a pond, even the smallest actions can lead to grand results.

Winner of best Dramatic Feature at the SNOB film festival


Official entry in the New York International Independent Film Festival, this slasher horror made on a shoestring budget follows a group of college students who unleash an ancient horror on their campus. As the body count rises, they scramble to decipher what exactly is killing them, and why!